There are many different types of interior design. As an interior designer, you can specialise in a number of fields, ranging from kitchen design to commercial interior design. The Learning Group offers a range of special interior design courses for this purpose.

Kitchen design

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home. You might not realise this, but designing the perfect kitchen is a very big undertaking.

A great designer will be able to utilise the kitchen space for optimal practicality, while making it a beautiful and inspiring location. Many designers focus on and specialise in this part of the home.

The Learning Group offers the following course that will teach you how to design both residential and commercial kitchens:

Retail interior design

Retail interior design focuses on shop spaces. If you work in this field, you will need to develop design concepts centred on visual appeal, target audiences and advertising. Retail interior designers also work with shopping centres, franchises and exhibition spaces.

The Learning Group offers the following course in this direction:

Hospitality interior design

The hospitality industry consists of hotels, lodges, spas, and some parts of the tourism industry.

An interior designer specialising in hospitality will focus on creating certain unique atmospheres. He or she will also need to pay special attention to elements such as guest comfort and disability access.

Take a look at the course we offer in this study direction:

Commercial interior design

This is one of the biggest fields within the interior design industry. Commercial interior design can range from planning office or work environments to designing business foyers, boardrooms, and even public spaces.

Corporate branding is also something an interior designer needs to understand and take into account in this field.

The Learning Group offers the following course in this direction:

Restaurant interior design

Restaurant interior design is a very demanding field. Whether you are working for a high cuisine restaurant or a fast-food chain, you will need specific design skills to be able to do your job to satisfaction.

The Learning Group offers the following course in this direction:

For something focused more on the technical aspects of interior design, you can also take a look at technical drawing for interior designers. Or you can return to interior design studies for other options.

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