Taking a short course in photography can be fun and inspiring. While most short courses serve as an introduction to a certain subject, taking our photography certificate course as a short course will give you so much more.

What are short courses?

The definition of a ‘short course’ will differ from institute to institute. Usually, a short course is any educational programme that ranges between 3 and 12 months in duration. A short course can act as a general introduction to a subject, or it can teach you specific skills pertaining to your field of study.

How can I benefit from studying a short course in photography?

Short courses do not usually count as formal qualifications. They can, nonetheless, be added to your CV, as they still serve as training programmes.

There are also many benefits to taking a short course in photography. Here are some examples:

1. It keeps your options open

A short course allows you to become acquainted with the world of photography before making any big career decisions. Many university students embark on time consuming and extremely expensive programmes, only to discover too late that they don’t like the field.

2. It teaches you the basics

Maybe you just want to learn how to take better pictures without necessarily wanting to devote your whole professional life to photography? A short course is a great way to develop real skills without too much commitment.

3. It’s cost and time effective

Short courses are very convenient to study: they are less expensive than other courses, they take less time to complete, and they are much less demanding on an academic level. You’ll even be able to study your course while keeping a full-time job!

What’s more, The Learning Group offers its photography course through distance learning. This means you can study from the comfort of your own home. Whether you are from Cape Town, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, or elsewhere, you can take our photography course right across South Africa.

Where can I find a photography school that offers short courses?

Though The Learning Group’s certificate course in digital photography is not categorised as a short course, it can be taken as one:

With us, you can study at your own pace, which means that the eventual length of this programme depends entirely on you. The benefit of this is that taking a more in-depth course, within a short timeframe, will teach you so much more. And remember: having a certificate course on your CV will also be much more impressive to future employers.

To find out how you can enrol with The Learning Group, call us on 0801 12 12 12.

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