Taking a digital photography course in South Africa can be extremely fun and fulfilling. This is a beautiful, vivid, and exciting country, offering photographers plenty of work opportunities and interesting subjects to take photos of.

What are the advantages of taking a course in photography?

Did you know?

  • A picture should only have one centre of interest. Other elements in the picture should support the centre of interest through diverting attention towards it.
  • Subjects should preferably be placed at the intersection of 3 imaginary horizontal and vertical lines. This is called the ‘rule of thirds’.
  • Tilting your camera slightly to create artificial diagonal lines creates tension. This is called a ‘Dutch tilt’.

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Though photography relies greatly on intuition and creativity, it is also a very technical medium. There are countless rules and principles that all photographers need to learn. A good course in digital photography will teach you these things.

Taking a digital photography course will also teach you how to use your camera and other photography equipment properly, as well as teach you how to edit your photos. Luckily for photography enthusiasts, there are plenty of opportunities throughout South Africa to learn all these things and more.

Where can I find a list of photography colleges?

There are many South African colleges that offer photography studies. Likewise, there are a lot of different types of courses that you can choose from: diploma courses, short courses, advanced courses, and certificate courses. You can even take a part-time course in digital photography!

So where can you get a list of all the colleges and courses you can choose from? The best way to see all your study options is to do a web search for ‘photography courses in South Africa’. Here you will find a bunch of search results to serve as a sort of photography college list.

But with countless pages in your search results, how will you ever know which college to choose? To help you make an educated decision about your future, here follows some information about studying with us at The Learning Group:

Studying at The Learning Group

The Learning Group offers a certificate course in digital photography. To find out what this course entails, you can simply follow the link:

The Learning Group’s course in digital photography will give you great digital photography training. You will learn everything from working with camera lenses and equipment to creating great compositions and editing your photos. You will even learn how to make money from your new-found skills!

The Learning Group is a well-established distance learning college.  Distance learning means studying at home from anywhere in South Africa. Through correspondence learning, we aim to bring a fully satisfying college experience right to your doorstep.

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