Nail care is a subdivision of the broader beauty industry. If you want to work as a nail technician, you will need a lot of the personal attributes and characteristics that are required of beauticians. Here are some examples:

  • Well-groomed appearance

  • Interest in people

  • Communication skills

  • Respect for boundaries

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Patience

  • Eye for detail

  • Tactfulness

  • Friendly personality

Nail Technician, Beauty Courses, The Learning Group

As a nail technician, you will be working directly with people, which is why you need to have these personal attributes. Some people find the physical contact involved uncomfortable, and it is your job to make sure that you respect your clients’ boundaries, and that you do your best to make them feel comfortable and relaxed.

Nail Technician, Beauty Courses, The Learning Group

How do I become a nail technician?

It is always advisable to give yourself good a foundation in the field you want to enter. To become a nail technician, you can start by studying a course in nail care. At The Learning Group, we offer four different courses for you to choose from..

In addition to studying a course, you can prepare for a career as a nail technician by working as a volunteer or intern to gain experience and to develop your practical skills.

The Learning Group offers the following nail care courses:

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