Nail care is an important part of ensuring that your nails feel and look healthy. Nail beauty courses will teach you all about the different techniques involved in nail care. There are also natural ways to keep your nails healthy, such as drinking enough water and walking on the beach. Water keeps your body and nails hydrated, and it flushes the toxins out. Walking on the beach is a natural way to exfoliate your feet and will make your feet feel softer. An important fact to remember is that nail care does not stop at your nails – it extends to your hands and feet.

Here are a few tips for nail care:

  • Do not bite your nails.

  • Moisturise your cuticles by applying petroleum jelly.

  • Moisturise your hands daily.

  • If your nails are prone to breaking, have a look at you protein intake – protein can help to make nails stronger.

  • Vitamin B is very good for nails – take a Vitamin B supplement or eat Vitamin B-rich foods such as salmon or flaxseed.

Nail Beauty Courses, Beauty Courses, The Learning Group

How do I become a nail technician?

A good place to start any career is with a course in the field you have chosen. It is not mandatory to study a course in nail care to become a nail technician, but it will definitely teach you valuable skills. There are several educational institutions across South Africa where you can go for training in nail beauty and nail care.

At The Learning Group, we offer four different nail care courses via distance learning.  These courses are:

Nail Beauty Courses, Beauty Courses, The Learning Group

Nail care includes treatments such as manicures, pedicures, nail art, acrylic or gel nail application, hand and foot massage, application of nail polish, and more. By studying a course at The Learning Group, you will be free to look for part-time nail care work while you study. You can apply for an internship, or even volunteer at a beauty salon.

Nail Beauty Courses, Beauty Courses, The Learning Group

Once you have completed your course, or obtained the necessary skills through on-the-job training, you can look for work at a salon, in a hotel, on a cruise ship, or at a resort. They amazing thing about a career in nail care is that your job is very flexible and mobile. You can work from anywhere. You can start your own business from home, or you can travel to your clients’ homes.

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