What is Interior Design?

Interior Design is the way in which individual rooms are laid out and decorated in such a way as to make effective use of space, mood and harmony. This is done by means of selecting specific types of furniture, fabrics and colour, which implies a basic knowledge of technical drawing, architecture and various textiles.

Our range of Interior Design courses have been designed to give you an overview of various aspects involved in the decorating process. You will be introduced to the world of the modern professional Interior Designer who uses various techniques to bring out the best characteristics of any living space.

Entrance Requirements

The Learning Group Advanced Certificate in Interior Design

Programme Duration

30 – 36 months

Programme Outcomes

Successful Diploma candidates must be able to:

– Communicate effectively within the business environment
– Understand and use the principles and elements of décor
– Explain and understand the various types of décor finishes
– Conceptualize and complete line sketches of a room
– Complete basic scaled drawings using architectural symbols, lines and dimensions
– Complete a comprehensive design of a space
– Communicate effectively and use mathematics in the workplace
– Demonstrate a knowledge of the history of art and design
– Combine knowledge of construction with design
– Master techniques pertaining to technical drawing
– Demonstrate knowledge of material and finishes
– Communicate designs in 3D
– Demonstrate the ability to solve design problems using the theories of design
– Demonstrate the effects of design on the building structure
– Demonstrate the ability to understand drawing, design principles and illustration effectively
– Explore properties, limitations and capabilities of design elements
– Demonstrate the ability to draw technical drawings using computer aided software
– Develop professional business skills
– Think and work effectively and independently as an interior designer
– Must be able to conceptualize and produce a design that meets the client’s brief
– Take a brief, interpret it and prepare problem solving design
– Produce relevant Sketch Up drawings to illustrate their design
– Possess an in depth knowledge of construction methods, properties and services
– Produce relevant hand drawn technical drawings and renderings to illustrate their designs
– Possess an in-depth knowledge of 3D drawings
– Possess an understanding of trends, philosophy and social issues that impact on interior design
– Posses an in-depth understanding of history of art, architecture and furniture design
– Competently evaluate interior design, architecture and furniture
– Competently manage time and self management while understanding the need to for meeting deadlines

1. Introduction to Interior Decorating
2.History of Art (Brief Overview of Each Period & Characteristics)
4.Basic Drawing
5. Project Management and Business Practice
6. Advanced History of Art

This subject will include a detailed analysis of an architect, artist and furniture designer within each period.

7. Building Construction
8. Introduction to Interior Design
9.Introduction to Technical Drawing
10.Presentation Drawing
11. Introduction to Sketch Up
12.Advanced Building Construction
13.Advanced Technical Drawing
14. Interior Architecture

Detailed Course Structure

Assessment and Award

When you enrol for this course, you’ll receive all your relevant textbooks. You have to successfully complete and submit assignments in order to pass this course. Once you have successfully completed the assignments prescribed by The Learning and handed in your Portfolio of Evidence, you will be awarded a Learning Group Diploma in Interior Design.


Please note that this programme is not registered on the NQF, and as such it is not a credit-bearing programme.

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