ICB Bookkeeping Courses

Taking an ICB bookkeeping course will allow you to practice as a certified bookkeeper, both in South Africa and overseas.

What is the ICB?

The ICB is the Institute for Certified Bookkeepers. Their purpose is to “improve and maintain the qualitycredibility and reputationof bookkeeping, accounting, office administration and financial management training and qualifications in Southern Africa”.

ICB Bookkeeping Courses, Bookkeeping Courses, The Learning Group

(Source: www.icb.org.za, 6 March 2014)


ICB courses act as certification for professional bookkeepers in South Africa, and are even recognised internationally. These accredited bookkeeping and accounting courses are offered by the ICB through educational institutes such as The Learning Group.

What ICB courses can I take?

Bookkeeping Courses

The ICB offers general bookkeeping courses as well as courses geared towards specific bookkeeping skills:

Junior Bookkeeper

Senior Bookkeeper


Office Administration Courses

Office administrators are responsible for managing office accounts and admin duties. Their duties can include: cost accounts management, marketing management, office communication and more.

Take a look at the different ICB courses we have to offer in this bookkeeping subcategory:

ICB Bookkeeping Courses, Bookkeeping Courses, The Learning Group

Technical Financial Accounting Courses

The ICB also offers accounting courses. Technical financial accountants are responsible for the technical aspects of finance management. These include: handling taxation and tax calculation, contract law, insolvency law and computerised accounting.

The Learning Group offers the following ICB courses in technical financial accounting:

Certified Financial Accounting Courses

A certified financial accountant takes care of numerous accounting duties. He or she can also work as an accounting officer or as an auditor liaison.

Financial accountants have in-depth knowledge of corporate strategy, financial reporting, regulatory frameworks, accounting software and more. Take a look at the courses you can take in this direction:

If you want to find out which ICB course in bookkeeping or accounting will suit you best, you can speak to one of our helpful Student Registrars by clicking on the button below:

Where can I study an ICB course?

The Institute for Certified Bookkeepers offers their courses through accredited training providers. These can be campus-based colleges or distance learning colleges, such as The Learning Group.

At The Learning Group, we offer FASSET-accredited ICB courses in bookkeeping and accounting via distance learning. What distance learning means is that you can take your certified bookkeeping course from anywhere in South Africa, while studying from home!

Distance learning also allows you to complete your studies in your own time, in your spare-time, or even part-time. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get qualified and to start your accounting or bookkeeping career.


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