Becoming an interior designer takes a lot of work. You will need to acquire all the right knowledge before you can start building a career in this industry.

Things you’ll need to know

Interior designers are highly trained professionals who work with architectural structures and the decorating of interior spaces. To become an interior designer, you will need to know all about:

  • The principles of design
  • The principles of architecture
  • Building materials
  • Building specifications and codes
  • Technical and architectural drawing
  • 3-D modelling
  • Presentation drawing
  • Aesthetic styles
  • Furniture and décor
  • The use of space and lighting
  • Textile design
  • Conceptualisation of designs
  • Managing design projects
  • Working with architects and contractors

To become an interior designer, you’ll also need to know how to build your career. This will include: compiling a portfolio, working with clients, networking, marketing yourself, and conducting yourself professionally.

The things mentioned above are all good reasons for why you need to study interior designat The Learning Group. Interior design studies at The Learning Group is geared towards teaching you the things you’ll need to know to start a career in this industry.

Taking a course in interior design

The Learning Group offers a vast range of interior design courses. Our courses address numerous and divergent elements of the interior design profession. You can even learn how to start and build your own design business!

Take a look at the courses we have to offer:

Becoming a true interior designer is hard work. We want to make this journey as easy as possible for you. For this reason, we provide supported learning, helping you each step of the way during your studies.

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