The Learning Group is an accredited FET home study college situated in South Africa. This college offers you a wide range of courses in subjects such as Floristry, Creative Writing, Photography and Bookkeeping.

At The Learning Group, we do our best to ensure that all the needs of our students are met. We do this by providing easy and affordable payment options, assigning personal tutors to each student, and offering various other benefits, such as:

  • Study material that is included in the course fee, and is specially designed to suit the needs of distance learning students.

  • Tutors who are able to provide academic support via e-mail, telephone, Skype or SMS.

  • A 30-day Money Back Guarantee – students will receive a full refund if they cancel their studies within 30 days of registration, without being charged a cancellation fee.

What is the importance of distance learning?

Distance learning offers numerous advantages to students. Distance learning is:

  • Accessible: Distance learning can increase access to education for people who are not located near a college or university, and for those who cannot afford to travel to class on a daily basis. Distance learning is also a good option for students with disabilities.

  • Affordable: Doing a course via distance learning is often cheaper than going to a physical campus where there are face-to-face lectures and classes.

  • Convenient: Distance learning offers students the option of keeping their full-time jobs and studying at the same time.

  • Diverse: Distance learning caters for all, and gives students from all walks of life the chance to further their education.

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Why choose The Learning Group?

The Learning Group is a Further Education and Training (FET) college. We have many features that set us apart from other distance learning institutions:

  • We include the cost of your study material in your course fee. We don’t require you to buy any additional textbooks.

  • We provide you with all the academic support that you need to pass your course.

  • We give you the option of paying your fees in full upfront, or of paying your fees on a monthly basis.

  • We have a 30-day Money Back Guarantee – we will refund you in full if you decide to cancel your studies within 30 days of registration.


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