What does Facial Skincare involve?

The health and beauty industries have seen tremendous growth over the last couple of years. More and more people are focusing on their health and on finding ways to look better and younger for longer. There are many big companies out there selling products that promise you the secret to eternal beauty. However, it is quite difficult to know how to go about choosing the right products, as well as figuring out how to use them.

Knowing which products and treatments to use on your skin starts with knowing your skin type and skin tone, and being able to recognise any skin problems that you may have. This course teaches you the basics of how to identify the needs of the skin and how to take care of the skin.

Entrance criteria:

• Basic literacy skills
• Students must be over the age of 16

Course duration:

24 months

Programme outcomes:

The subject on Facial Skin Care Theory will cover the anatomy of the skin, skin types, skin tones, skin disorders and general facial hygiene. You will learn more about face mapping, client consultations and basic facial components.

In order to complete the Learning Group Diploma in Facial Skincare, students will have to complete the following subjects:

• Introduction to Business English
• Anatomy and Physiology
• Professional Salon Skills
• Business and Office Administration
• Facial Skincare Theory
• Excellence in Service: Basic
• Networking for Success
• Entrepreneurship
• Financial Management: Basic
• Facial Skincare Techniques
• Excellence in Service: Advanced

Detailed Course Structure

Assessment and award:

• You will be required to submit a number of assignments to the college for marking.
• Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a Learning Group Diploma in Facial Skincare.

Accreditation status:

This programme is not registered on the NQF – it is therefore not a credit-bearing programme.

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