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Digital Photography Courses

Taking a good course in digital photography will teach you how to take professional pictures, work with photographic equipment, do digital editing, and even make money with your camera. The Learning Group offers the following course in digital photography to teach you all this and more:

Digital Photography Courses, The Learning Group

What is digital photography?

Although digital cameras are very different from traditional film cameras, the photography basics still apply. Like with film, digital photos are created by light penetrating through the camera lens. Rather than the light being imprinted on film, however, it now becomes coded by sensors into a digital image file. Though this may seem like a small difference, this development in camera technology has had a far-reaching effect on the world of photography and visual communication.

The first commercially available digital camera was the Dycam Model 1, made in 1990. Since then, digital cameras have come to dominate the retail markets, as well as the world of professional photography.  Digital photography has changed just about everything: from how photojournalists publish their pictures, to the manner in which fine-art photographers express themselves.

Such foundational changes can be attributed to the numerous advantages that digital cameras have given photographers:

Digital Photography Courses, The Learning Group

Because taking professional photographs has become so affordable and easy to do, starting a career in photography has also become much easier. The marketing potential of the internet and social media has also helped this process greatly.

Why study digital photography?

Do you want to become a professional photographer? Or perhaps you are aspiring towards becoming a photography artist? Maybe you just want to learn how to take better pictures for your own pleasure? The easiest, most sure-fire way to do any of these things is to take a good course in digital photography.

Digital Photography Courses, The Learning Group

Are you interested in art, wedding, journalistic, family or wildlife photography? It doesn’t matter: a good photography course will teach you universally applicable skills that will allow you to take amazing shots, edit them professionally, and develop a technical expertise in this medium.

Many amateur photographers rely only on free photography tutorials available online. Though there is nothing wrong with teaching yourself, it is no substitute for good formal training. What’s more, for those with professional ambitions, a photography certificate will also be something to put on your CV to help your employment prospects.

Where to study digital photography

There are numerous different types of photography courses available in South Africa. Many of these are, however, only offered by colleges in specific cities or areas.

The great thing about living in an increasingly digital world is that studying through correspondence has become easier, more affordable, and a better educational option than ever before.

The Learning Group offers its course in digital photography through distance learning. With distance learning, you will be able to study from home at your own pace and leisure. What makes a distance learning course better than an online course in photography is that with distance learning, you will be sent actual course material.


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