Learning Group Certificate in Kitchen Design

What does the Learning Group Certificate in Kitchen Design involve?

This course is aimed at students who would like to specialise in a particular field of Interior Design. This course is ideal for:

– Students working in the design industry.
– Students interested in pursuing a career in Interior Design.
– Students who want to study a course that covers up-to-date, relevant information.

This course has been developed to focus specifically on the following aspects of Kitchen Design:

– Residential Kitchen Design
– Commercial Kitchen Design

This is a comprehensive course consisting of 9 subjects, as well as a number of projects and practical assignments that students will be required to complete. Students will also be required to create a portfolio of their work, which they can later use to demonstrate their abilities to prospective clients.

Kitchen Design

Entrance criteria:

• Basic literacy skills
• Students must be over the age of 16

Course duration:

24 – 36 months

Programme outcomes:

In order to complete the Learning Group Certificate in Kitchen Design, students will have to complete all the following subjects:

• Basic Drawing for Kitchen Designers
• Project Management and Business Practice
• Building Construction for Kitchen Designers
• Introduction to Technical Drawing
• Kitchen Design
• Advanced Technical Drawing
• Presentation Drawing for Kitchen Designers
• Sketch-Up
• Building Your Portfolio

Detailed Course Structure

Assessment and award:

• Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a Learning Group Certificate in Kitchen Design.

Accreditation status:

This programme is not registered on the NQF – it is therefore not a credit-bearing programme.

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