Taking an advanced course in bookkeeping will teach you what you’ll need to know to work as a professional. These courses go beyond bookkeeping basics and into more in-depth training

What is an advanced bookkeeping course?

Unlike short courses that can be completed in under a year, advanced bookkeeping courses usually take much longer. This is because they are comprehensive courses designed to give you a wider range of knowledge and a higher level of skills development for your future career.

Advanced Bookkeeping Courses, Bookkeeping Courses, The Learning Group

Here are some of the more advanced ICB-certified courses we offer:

Advanced Bookkeeping Courses, Bookkeeping Courses, The Learning Group

Taking a 2 or 3 year long course will not, however, mean that you have to put your whole life on hold! Through distance learning, you can study in your spare time from home.

Distance learning allows you to get, or keep, a full-time job while studying. Though you might initially work in a completely different field from bookkeeping, any and all experience you get will eventually count in your favour when applying for that dream job.

Where can I take an advanced bookkeeping course via distance learning?

The Learning Group is one of South Africa’s premium distance learning colleges. You can take any of our advanced bookkeeping courses from home, wherever you live!

The Learning Group also offers full supported learning. This means that we supply you with great study material and access to tutors throughout your studies. With us, the student always comes first.

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