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Beauty Therapy Courses

Beauty Therapy Courses, The Learning Group

Beauty therapy is, in essence, about beauty and well-being. It involves skin treatments, nail treatments, various forms of massage treatments, lash and brow tinting, hair removal, cellulite treatments, and make-up application. However, beauty therapy entails more than just giving treatments; it also involves creating a calming environment, and making sure that clients are able to feel relaxed and at ease.

Beauty Therapy Courses, The Learning Group

Studying beauty therapy at The Learning Group

The Learning Group offers a variety of beauty courses via distance learning. If you decide to study via distance learning, you will be able to determine the pace of your studies. You will also be able to study from home. There are many advantages to studying via distance learning with The Learning Group. You can read more about these advantages by clicking on the button below:

Beauty Therapy Courses, The Learning Group

The Learning Group offers the following beauty therapy courses:

Short Courses

Certificate Courses

Advanced Certificate Courses

Diploma Courses

Beauty Therapy Courses, The Learning Group

Facial skincare

A facial is one of the most popular beauty treatments available. Both men and women go for facials to treat or prevent acne, sun damage, ageing, and dehydration. Facials consist of several steps, which include:

Make-up application

Courses in make-up application  will teach you the skills and techniques required to apply make-up correctly for different occasions. Examples of occasions where make-up application is required may include the following:

Beauty Therapy Courses, The Learning Group

Many women choose to wear make-up every day, and not only for special occasions.  It is therefore a highly useful skill to be able to apply make-up correctly for different situations.

Nail care

Nail care includes manicures and pedicures, and is an essential beauty ritual for both men and women. Manicures and pedicures are not only aimed at creating beautiful and fashionable nails, but also at keeping the nails healthy. You can either study nail care on its own, or you can study it as part of a comprehensive beauty therapy course.

Beauty Therapy Courses, The Learning Group

Lash and brow services

Beauty therapists also offer lash and brow services. These services include the following:

These treatments are used to enhance facial features - many women go for them before special occasions such as weddings. To become competent in providing lash and brow services, you can complete a course in this area of specialisation.

Hair removal

Hair removal has become very popular in the 21st century. In certain cultures, it is generally expected of women to have smooth legs, underarms and bikini lines. Hair removal has become popular amongst men as well, and especially amongst those who participate in sports such as swimming and cycling. Hair removal can be carried out in many different ways, such as:

  • Shaving

  • Using hair removal creams

  • Waxing

  • Using laser hair removal technology

Some hair removal therapists choose to specialise in one or more of these techniques.

Beauty Therapy Courses, The Learning Group

Massage therapy

There are many different massage types and techniques to choose from. To become proficient in massage therapy, you will need to study these techniques. Here is a list of some of the types of massages and massage techniques that you can learn:

Beauty Therapy Courses, The Learning Group

Massage techniques can be used to help heal muscle or tendon injuries. Massage therapy is also used during physiotherapy. In a beauty therapy context, massage techniques are used for purposes of stress relief and relaxation.

Salon management

A career in beauty therapy does not necessarily need to involve physically providing treatments to clients. You can use your beauty therapy background to apply for a position as a salon manager, or to start up your own beauty therapy business. By studying a course in salon management, you can learn how to combine business skills with beauty therapy skills to manage a beauty salon successfully.

Beauty Therapy Courses, The Learning Group


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